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          Mystic Mimi

                    READINGS FOR EVENTS & PARTIES


Handwriting Analysis (or Graphology) is a form of subconscious expression, and an extension of Body Language. Having your handwriting analyzed reveals personality insights in an entertaining way that is both fascinating and fun. As a valid science (used by the FBI, Police and Fortune 500 companies) tech crowds dig it; as an intuitive art, all are drawn in. This activity is great for individuals, couples or groups. Readings for couples, friends or co-workers compare and contrast personality traits in a way that event participants love!

Did you know:

• Many celebrities tend to have large handwriting. It is an expression of the type of personality who is not afraid to be noticed!

• The state of our mind and emotions extends through our body language and into our handwriting.

• How we sign our name is a reflection of how we view our selves.

To book Mimi for an event or party to read your handwriting, 

contact Mimi: [email protected]