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          Mystic Mimi

                    READINGS FOR EVENTS & PARTIES


Check out Mimi's full website

on dreams, plus her podcast here:

Dreams are the ultimate language of the subconscious mind, and Mimi is a master dream interpreter. She has been a featured recurring guest on both TV and radio programs, and her knowledge and insight into the mysterious realm of the dream world is exceptional.

While dreams can transport us to the depth of our inner realm, Mimi knows how to finesse a light and fun approach with an entertaining spin for events and parties. For those desiring a more in depth approach, private consultations are available by phone.

Mimi is a regional representative and professional member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

For more information on dreams, visit Mimi’s professional dream website:

Host a Dream Party

Host a private Dream Party! This works great for a small group of friends who really want to learn how to understand the meanings of their dreams. What better way to bond and gain some insight into this mysterious realm! The Dream Party can include your choice and combination of presentation, discussion, group techniques, and dream consultations.

Private Consultations

For an in depth and highly personalized approach, or for a dream 'reading', private consultations are available. To learn more visit Mimi's dream website:

email: [email protected]