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          Mystic Mimi

                    READINGS FOR EVENTS & PARTIES


The subconscious mind communicates in pictures and symbols, and drawing connects us directly to the creative and intuitive part of our mind. In a party setting, participants roar with laughter as readings for couples, friends or co-workers compare and contrast personality traits in an insightful and entertaining manner.

Doodle Analysis can be performed 1:1, in groups, or as a workshop or performance type venue.

The interpretation of drawings uses principles from handwriting analysis and body language.


Another creative application of drawing and the subconscious mind is 'Drawing from Dreams'. Participants draw a picture of a scene from a dream they have had (or the dream of another participant), and others view and comment as if in an art gallery. The dreamer takes what is relevant to them, and the whole group benefits from the process. Not everyone is required to share a dream, and all participants will still benefit from the process. This is a creative, fun and interactive activity that sheds new light on the mysterious world of dreams.

To book Mimi for an event, party, group or workshop email: [email protected]